I've Launched a Patreon!

Updated: Jun 21

I have been overwhelmed by the support to the YouTube channel in such a short amount of time! It has been really wonderful that so many people have not only found the channel, but seem to really find it entertaining and useful!

And I have more I want to share with you - I want to make maps, adventures, NPCs, monsters, and magic items that you can drop into your game! I want to make quest hooks and handouts and towns and guides for players and DMs... and, honestly, anything else that occurs to me!

So I've launched a Patreon! You can join at Patreon.com/supergeekmike and support me, if you so desire!


If you support me at any dollar amount, you'll be assigned a special role on Discord to identify you as a Patron!

Detect Magic

If you support at $3 per month, you'll be able to join a special Discord channel for Patrons, you'll get to participate in livestreams with me, AND you'll get the D&D materials I mentioned above as I create them every month!

See Invisibility

I also want to make my videos available early for folks, because I work really far in advance (all of my videos are uploaded at LEAST a week early), so if you support me at $5 per month you'll get early access to my videos!

Major Image

And if - for some wild reason - you decide to support me at $10 per month, I'll put your name into the credits of the D&D products I produce for as long as you are a Patron!

So if you find that my work is interesting, entertaining, and worth supporting, I hope you will come to the Patreon page and consider lending support at any amount you feel comfortable with!

Thank you so much!

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