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Being Demoralized By Real-World Stuff; Being Uplifted By My Audience

So, mostly I'm not looking for a day job - the support of my community has been really awesome, so I know I can keep going for now while the continuing to grow my platform to a point where things might be more comfortable. However, a day job opportunity came along that I would have been perfect for - and after a few interviews, I got it!

And then, less than 24 hours after starting the job, the opportunity fell apart for completely bullshit reasons.

Like I said, it's truly not the end of the world. I have a ton of plans for live-streaming and making video content and making PDFs, and maybe even running some paid games. So it's not about the money (although I'm not gonna pretend losing the opportunity to make Day Job money isn't a bummer, it sure is). But it was truly demoralizing to basically be told that they didn't want me anymore, and not even be able to articulate why outside of generally shrugging and saying, "It's not the right vibe."

I was feeling really, really low.

And then the next day, my new Tiberius video came out. And I was met with some of the most wonderful, encouraging, and uplifting comments I've ever gotten on any of my videos. A sea of positivity and good vibes, and most of all, understanding. While my first Tiberius video was somewhat divisive and people had a lot of complex reactions, this one has been so successful at landing with the audience - people really get what I'm going for in that video.

So, I really have to thank you for helping me overcome a really shitty day, and keeping me from falling into a really negative mindset about myself. It still sucks that the people at that job decided to completely toss me to the curb, I was really looking forward to finding a community that I could be a part of on a day-to-day basis. But the next day, you all reminded me that I do have a community, and it's really wonderful.

Love, Mike

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